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  • Try Not to Laugh or Grin

    Try Not to Laugh or Grin

    PART 2: www.youtube.com PART 3 TRAILER: www.youtube.com PART 3: www.youtube.com PART 4: www.youtube.com If you’re watching this then you might be on the wrong side of YouTube and you should probably get out now. But if you aren’t, I realize that I misspelled “sense”. And thank you so much for 11 million views! This isn’t some stupid Try Not to Laugh or Grin video with pictures of signs that say funny things of cats making funny faces. I tried to [...]

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  • Songify This – CAN’T HUG EVERY CAT — a song about loving cats

    Songify This – CAN’T HUG EVERY CAT — a song about loving cats

    Overcome by her love of cats, Debbie the Online Dater conjures an interspecies love song, danceable by all creatures. Download SONGIFY, the app to songify your life!: bit.ly ORIGINAL online dating bio VIDEO: www.youtube.com Cara Hartmann’s (she plays Debbie) site/merch! – carahartmann.spreadshirt.com Gregory Brothers links: YouTube! www.youtube.com Facebook! www.facebook.com Twitter! www.twitter.com Webs! www.thegregorybrothers.com ————– other cats ————— puppet cat www.youtube.com guitar cat: www.youtube.com drummin cat: www.youtube.com synth cat: www.youtube.com sliding cat: www.youtube.com stroller cat: www.youtube.com necktie cat: www.youtube.com nyan cat: [...]

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  • Fwiz: – Minecraft Shoutcasting Joke – Minecraft Pro League

    Fwiz: – Minecraft Shoutcasting Joke – Minecraft Pro League

    Fwiz jokes around on his first episode of Fwiz Senseless Shoutcasting over some Minecraft footage. Minecraft Pro League isn’t real, nor is this actual gameplay footage of Notch. I do it for the lolz, people. Fwiz: Channel – www.YouTube.com Twitter – www.Twitter.com Facebook – www.Facebook.com Music from: machinimasound.com “Streets of the Unknown” ———————————- Follow us on Facebook www.Facebook.com Follow us on Twitter: www.Twitter.com Visit our website: www.OpTicGaming.Net TAGS OpTic Gaming opticnation optic fwiz shoutcasting commentary notch seananners minecraft mpl pro [...]

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  • 200 Pound Squirrel Hunting Comedy

    200 Pound Squirrel Hunting Comedy

    I made this comedy because it seemed like a good idea at the time and I thought it would make a funny little skit.

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  • Is This Funny?

    Is This Funny?

    Is This Funny? We’re presenting you a rough idea, and need your feedback! Leave a comment telling us if this is funny or not, and if we should finish making this video… “Squirrel Man” starring Galz, aka the Best Dancer Ever. Music by Peter Toh – http://www.myspace.com/petertohmusic Video by Adam Schleichkorn.

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    So here’s the story…. Awhile ago I started making videos for TheChanningShow. I wanted to do a “Stuffed Animal Dog show” and see how many other people did one as a video response (Was for my school). The first time I tried to record it this happened…. So then I made the video again and it turned out good. I asked my brother to put the good one up on youtube for me (cuz I don’t know how). When he [...]

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  • TNBC – This is Halloween (French with subs and trans)

    TNBC – This is Halloween (French with subs and trans)

    My first video with subs–quite a challenge. I love this version! It’s funny–the lines that don’t make sense in the English version also don’t make sense to me in the French version, so they were true to the original! Oh and sorry about the hiccup at “minut sonne, c’est l’heure du crime.” That pissed me off to no end. A few notes on my translation, I’ll add more as I think of them: 1. Fripouille – never used that word [...]

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  • Run This Town SPOOF

    Run This Town SPOOF

    How many dances can you point out in this song?! If you’re really good then tell me where the dance came from! *Random fact I was a professional dancer for a long time before I focused more on acting. SO this vid was fun for me. If you liked then spoof then please subscribe, it’s free and help support my channel! To SUBSCRIBE just click here www.youtube.com Also… Follow me on Twitter! www.twitter.com Keep up with me on Facebook www.facebook.com [...]

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  • The Coolest Bird On The Planet!

    The Coolest Bird On The Planet!

    http://www.numaga.com Can’t touch this.

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